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In the last two years, we've presented over 15,000 announcements for churches. (You could say we know a lot about producing church announcements.)

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Send us your written announcements on Tuesday
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We get to work right away!

Announcements Received

We receive your written announcements through the form you filled out digitally within seconds after being submitted.

Production Begins

After our production process is complete to the exact specifications you've given us, we send your video announcements to your email.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

After our production process is complete to the exact specifications you've given us, we send your video announcements to your email.

Step Three
Delivery of your video announcements

The final step in the process of your video announcements is delivery. Pro Video Announcements makes things incredibly easy.

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Video announcements for churches like yours

Browse our video announcements portfolio below to see each of our five hosts and get a glimpse of what your video announcements could look like.

Frequently Asked Questions
You've got questions, we've got answers

When is our video announcements script due each week?

Your video announcements script is due by 11:59PM on Tuesday every week. Simply login to your account and fill out the form. We'll being working on your video announcements right away, and your final video will be delivered to you by 12:00PM on Friday guaranteed (usually much earlier).

Can you send me an example script so I can get an idea of how to write mine?

Absolutely! We've presented 15,000+ church announcements in the last two years alone, and we've compiled all of that data into pre-written announcements scripts. When you join Pro Video Announcements, you'll get instant access to our proven announcement formula as well as each of our pre-written scripts that you can customize to fit your church.

What makes Pro Video Announcements the best?

Simply put, our quality and customization options are unmatched. Every week you can choose from 5 different hosts, 9 different backgrounds, 5 different soundtracks, and you can submit up to 7 different announcements. We produce your video announcements using the highest standards of videography and audio engineering. And we even give you access to our proven announcement formula and pre-written announcements scripts, so you can be confident your church has the best announcements every single week.

Do you do voiceover video announcements with custom motion graphics?

Every week your video announcements will be delivered with custom motion graphics. But video announcements work best when you have both a live host and accompanying graphics. In our tests, video announcements with only a host or only motion graphics get ignored by the congregation. The real magic happens when you combine a live host and on-screen graphics together.

Do you think it will be weird having a host on screen that isn't from our church?

By far, the most important element of your video announcements is the host. Unfortunately, hosting video announcements is extremely difficult because it's unlike any other type of presentation. Most churches don't have someone in their congregation who is confident and experienced on camera and available every week. We present video announcements to congregations of 100 to 5,000 weekly. And we've worked for hundreds of hours with each of our hosts to prepare them for this privilege. In just a few short weeks, our video announcements hosts will feel like family at your church. And, as an added bonus, you won't have to stress over the near-impossible task of finding on-air talent within your church.

I want to sign up and start this week, when should I start the process?

Our team prides itself on our insanely fast turnaround times. As long as you sign up and submit your first video announcements script to us by Tuesday on a given week, we can have your first edition of video announcements ready for you by Thursday of the very same week.

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Customer Testimonials
You're in great company
Jim edwards

Thanks so much for this service! I just can't say thank you enough for creating such an affordable option.

Jim Edwards
Media Director
James pendergrast

Video announcements have really taken our church media to a new level. We were spending much more on less production quality. At this price point we've taken our Sunday mornings to a level we didn't think we could afford.

James Pendergrast
Associate Pastor
Becky andrus

You guys do an amazing job with video announcements. Thank you. Also, we love the wood background!

Becky Andrus
Office Manager
Brett esslinger

These are the best video announcements I've ever seen. Period. The turnaround time is off the charts too. Thanks for taking the pain out of our weekly announcements.

Brett Esslinger
Lead Pastor