Monthly Sermon Bumpers

Bring your newest message series to life with a custom sermon bumper. (Think of it as a movie trailer for your sermon.)

The Process
Every sermon series deserves a custom visual experience

There are thousands of pre-made videos that you could use in your worship experiences. But what if you need something made just for your church? What if you want something that hasn't already been used by five hundred other churches? We believe in high-quality, low-cost video production that is custom made for your church.

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What's Included
Every sermon bumper package includes

30-60 Second Bumper

The sweet spot for a sermon bumper is between 30 and 60 seconds. You can use your sermon bumper as a transition piece in your service, and you can build anticipation for a new sermon series by posting the bumper online before the series begins.

Title Graphic

Every sermon bumper package comes with a title graphic. Your title graphic will be your custom sermon series branding and series art.

Splash Graphic

You'll also receive a splash graphic in your sermon bumper package. Your splash graphic will maintain the same branding as your title graphic and bumper, but it will be completely blank so you can add bullet points, scriptures, and additional text as needed.

The Creation
Anatomy of a custom sermon bumper

Here's everything you need to know about a custom sermon bumper from Pro Video Announcements

Anatomy sermon bumper
Anatomy sermon bumper mobile
Sermon bumpers for churches like yours

Browse our sermon bumpers portfolio below to get a glimpse of what your sermon bumpers could look like.

Frequently Asked Questions
You've got questions, we've got answers.

How do we submit a sermon bumper request?

Simply build a Pro Video Announcements package that includes monthly sermon bumper packages. Once that's done, login to your personal account dashboard, and submit a sermon bumper request to us using the sermon bumper form.

How long does the sermon bumper production process take?

We'll use the sermon bumper request form you've sent us and the creative direction you've given to produce your custom sermon bumper package. Sermon bumper packages are delivered within 5-10 business days once we have received your request form.

What if we need to make revisions?

Our sermon bumper form captures the most pertinent information and we're confident you'll love your custom bumper package! If, however, you need revisions, a single round of revisions is permitted. We aren't able to re-shoot footage or start over from scratch, but we can make minor tweaks here and there to get your final video as close to perfection as possible.

What is included in a sermon bumper package?

Every sermon bumper package includes a 30-60 second custom bumper, a title graphic, and a blank splash graphic that you can add scriptures, bullet points, and additional text to as needed. It's a complete message series media package!

If we have existing sermon artwork, can you create a sermon bumper using that?

Custom animation for existing artwork is a very time-intensive and costly process. Title sequences in feature films generally cost hundreds of thousands of dollars (sometimes millions), and even a small agency like ours would quote custom animation like this starting around $5,000. Our sermon bumper packages are produced in such a way that you get a high-quality custom video that is affordable for the average church. While we're unable to create custom animations for your existing artwork, every sermon bumper package you receive from us will include series art that perfectly matches the branding of your sermon bumper.

I want a sermon bumper package for our next series, when should I start the process?

Sermon bumper packages are delivered within 5-10 business days. If you want to begin using your sermon bumper during the first week of your new series, plan to submit your request form to us no later than two weeks before the series begins. If you want to use your bumper to promote your new series online, we suggest submitting one month in advance.

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Customer Testimonials
You're in great company
Wendy korbusieski

Incredible turnaround time for a custom video to fit our sermon series. High quality graphics, captivating sound, and incredibly useful title and still frames - HUGE thumbs up!

Wendy Korbusieski
Administrative Assistant
Tyler peterson

Before Pro Video Announcements our sermon bumpers never had consistency in terms of quality. Now I know that I can expect our sermon bumpers to be high quality for every sermon series!

Tyler Peterson
Worship Arts Director
Chad boak

Pro Video Announcements is always willing to work through revisions and changes we may have to make sure it's exactly what we need. This has given me hours of my time back each week. I cannot recommend them enough!

Chad Boak
Creative Pastor
Jason bedell

The most recent sermon bumper you created for us was ah-freaking-mazing!

Jason Bedell
Lead Pastor