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01. Welcome
Mobilize a full team of creative professionals working for your church.

Most churches don't have the luxury of employing a full-fledged creative department. Heck, most churches can't hire even a single creative professional. Pro Video Announcements allows your church to harness the power of an entire team of creatives at about a tenth of the cost of just a single full-time hire.

Pro Video Announcements is an amazing product at an amazing value. The turnaround time is unbelievable. They've definitely helped take our services to another level.

Craig Marsh — Worship Pastor
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Traditional approach to church media

  • Hire staff members

    Host an extensive hiring process in hopes of finding the right staff members in your local area. Lock into a long-term contract with your new hire.

  • Investing money

    Approve a hefty budget for high-performance computers, digital cameras, lighting, audio engineering, and more.

  • Working dozens of extra hours

    New creative hires overwork themselves trying to keep up with the high volume of demands.

Our approach to church media

  • Send us your requirements

    Send us your requirements: Pro Video Announcements gives you access to an entire team of digital ninjas. Simply login to your account and submit your creative request.

  • We do the heavy lifting

    Our team will begin working on your creative content immediately so that you receive everything in time for your weekly service. The best part is there are no hidden fees, setup costs, or extended contracts.

03. What we do
High quality and nothing less

We offer the best and highest quality when it comes to church media. If your church is one that strives for excellence, we want to work with you. Below is an outline of our service offerings.

Weekly Video Announcements

In the last two years, we've presented over 15,000 announcements for churches. (You could say we know a lot about producing church announcements.)

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04. Plans & Pricing
Build your media package

Combine any number of our three service offerings to create a custom-tailored solution for your church. Hint: The more you bundle, the more you save on the monthly cost.

Image for Weekly Video Announcements
Weekly Video Announcements
New video announcements every single week. Choose from 5 different hosts, 9 different backgrounds, and 5 different soundtracks.
Image for Social Stories Upgrade
Weekly Video Announcements
Social Stories Upgrade
Get your church noticed on social with our NEW SOCIAL STORIES UPGRADE which is each of your key announcements reformatted into vertical format with captions to help increase your reach and engagement. Every week multiple new videos.
05. Frequently Asked Questions
You've got questions, we've got answers.

Does my church need to sign a contract?

No! All of our packages are billed monthly. There are no contracts whatsoever, so you're not locked into anything long term. You can cancel at any time.

Can we upgrade or change our package in the future?

Absolutely, yes. All of our packages are billed monthly and there are no contracts. Because of this you are always able to change your package whenever needed.

Where can I see actual examples of Pro Video Announcements content?

Each of our service offerings has a dedicated page where you can browse through real examples. Click here for weekly video announcements.

I want to sign up and start this week, how does that process work?

Great news! We have no setup costs whatsoever. Simply build your package, sign up, and you can begin submitting creative requests immediately.

How do we submit our creative requests?

Every creative request is handled in your personal account dashboard. Simply choose your desired piece of media, fill out the form, and our team will begin working on your content right away.

What can we expect in terms of turnaround times?

Our team prides itself on our insanely fast turnaround times. Your weekly video announcements script is due each Tuesday and your final video will be delivered by Friday at noon.

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06. Customer Testimonials
You're in great company
Blake wingo

Having Pro Video Announcements is like having an entire media department on staff. The level of quality we're getting at the price we're paying is a no brainer. From a stewardship standpoint the value is unmatched.

Blake Wingo
Associate Pastor
Jasper williams

I'm hooked on Pro Video Announcements. I'm a new client and I'm uberly impressed with their excellence, knowledge, speed, & quality! Without a doubt, this is our best recent hire!

Jasper Williams III
Lead Pastor
Jenifer watts

Signing up with Pro Video Announcements is by far one of the best decisions I've made recently for our church! It's an unbelievable product at an unbeatable price!

Jenifer Watts
Programming Director
Brett esslinger

The Pro Video Announcements team are total pros! Fast, efficient and consistently exceeding our media expectations!

Brett Esslinger
Lead Pastor